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icici-bank ICICI Bank
  Project 1: Global Remittance Deal Matching System

Business Profile:

ICICI Bank is the leading Private Bank in India. ICICI Bank also deals with Remittances (Transfer of money by NRI to their home countries) for this they have provided a service of NOSTRO Account (An account that a bank holds with a foreign bank). Nostro accounts are usually in the currency of the foreign country. This allows for easy cash management because currency doesn't need to be converted, who can transfer their money as per their need. ICICI bank gets the detail information about the transfer of money from the Foreign Bank through an electronic format i.e. SWIFT Messages / Chase Chart. After receiving these SWIFT Messages, ICICI Bank processes these messages and does the settlement of the money transfer.


    Upload (Bulk or Single) MT100, MT202, MT910, MT756, MT400, MT196, MT950/MT940       Messages and Chase Chart.
    Match MT100/MT202/MT910/MT756/MT400/MT196 with MT950/MT940 (where the       sender is not chase) or with Chase Chart (where the sender is chase)
    Gets Reports on matched, UN matched and disputed credits.
·   Manually match MT100/MT202/MT910/MT756/MT400/MT196 with MT950/MT940       (where the sender is not chase) or with Chase Chart (where the sender is chase)
    Un Match any automatically or manually matched credits and messages
    Claim a credit for capturing settlement details
    Un-claim a claimed credit.
    To assign received MT196 answers to various user groups.
    Enter the settlement instructions for the credit claimed by CTSU
    Return a wrongly assigned credit with reason back to CTSU
    Hold the credit till they settle it.

Key Features of the Solution:

Automated Upload in the form of a Multi-Threaded Windows Service.

Auto blocked of credits:

If Credit advice has keywords: M2X & CBPPC in MT Reference Number, Tran
  Reference number and Bank details

For currencies: e.g. QAR, OMR, CAD

Sender Code: e.g. BOFACA
Bank Details: e.g. ACT.

Color Highlighting effect if difference is present between credit data and advice
(like Transaction Ref. Number, Value data, Amount and currency.) Helpful for prior intimation before further processing. The advice data is shown in Tool tip while hovering over the highlighted credit data.  
Color Highlighting effect if data of credits and advices have special words like M2X
(money to) and CBPPC in specified fields like MT Reference Number, Tran Reference number and Bank details.

Template for auto-generation of MT195 Messages

IRM files generated:


One standard file, and

One controlled file for special messages

Separate Upload option for uploading reference number in CSV format.

Dynamic reports:


Selection of Filed during display of report

Dynamic adjustment of report screen

Print option for selected column only
Ability to archive Old data

Architecture Details:

 Microsoft Dot Net & SQL Server 2005

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